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Scanning Nature: "Music for Incandescent Events" (Cruickshank/ Peebles)

October 9-17, 2004 6:30PM-7:15PM
McLuhan Festival of the Future / DeLeon White Gallery rooftop reck


DeLeon White Gallery
1096 QueenStreet West, Toronto
October 9-17, 12PM - 7:15PM
Opening Oct. 8, 10 p.m.-midnight (6:30 p.m.sunset demo)

Scanning Nature is a group show that tries to capture what may be impossible for us to see, feel or hear, without the use of technology. By aggregating three very different works, this exhibit hopes to confine in print, aural and digital projection, the fleeting movements of bees at work and play, the entirety of the sky above us, and the sounds of sunset.

Hive Scans by Aganetha Dyck & Richard Dyck Impossible Sky by Galen Scorer in collaboration with Synthops Media Lab and Tim Jackson Music for Incandescent Events by Robert Cruickshank and Sarah Peebles

Music for Incandescent Events

The sky's changing light at dusk is measured by sensors which trigger stored fragments of sound derived from the tones of the sho (Japanese mouth-organ). The installation assembles a unique audio composition with each sunset: the sensors and microcontrollers measure the changes in light level, colour and cloud cover as the sun sets and convert this information into controller data. Pre-recorded audio is derived from several improvised short melodies and tones played on a slightly de-tuned sho, re-recorded several octaves lower than its original source, and stored as multiple files within three MP3 players (which also reside in the weather-proof box). Recorded at very close range in stereo, with the player (Peebles) sitting near a reflective wall, the shifted audio results in rich beat patterns, sum/difference tones, interference patterns, and additional frequencies which, when heard at normal pitch, are beyond the range of human hearing.

Music for Incandescent Events premiered as a part of WADE, June 25 - 27, 2004 at Gibraltar Point/Toronto Islands ( A limited-edition audio CD is available upon request.

curated by Canadian Film Centre's Habitat New Media Lab & Emersive

exhibition details:


You are cordially invited to a sunset installation experience on Hanlan's Island:

Music for Incandescent Events: Hanlan's Sunset
by Robert Cruickshank and Sarah Peebles

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 25 � 27, 2004 at dusk (8:30-9:30 p.m.) FREE
Toronto Islands, Hanlan's Point shoreline washrooms / former wading pool area, a 5-min. walk WEST of Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts; Take ferries from downtown to Hanlan's Point or Centre Island. From both Hanlan's ferry dock and Centre Island ferry dock, a 25-minute walk. (Ferry Schedule: 416-392-8193 $6 return ferry ticket) A part of wade, June 25-27, 2004 (info below and at

Music for Incandescent Events: Hanlan's Sunset highlights the daily event of sunset at the site of a wading pool on Hanlan's Island, which is currently filled in with earth and flowers. The sky's changing light at dusk is measured by sensors which trigger stored fragments of sound derived from the tones of the shô (Japanese mouth organ).The piece assembles a unique audio composition with each sunset, played through loudspeakers encircling the wading pool, while rays from the sun are simultaneously fragmented and assembled via an array of small mirrors within the wading pool garden.

Rob Cruickshank is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist. His work in various media including electronic and robotic installations, sound art, electroacoustic music, and photography have been exhibited in Toronto, and internationally. He has also developed a number of workshops at InterAccess Electronic Media Art Centre, providing artists with an opportunity to learn electronics. Sarah Peebles is a composer, improviser and broadcaster. She has been focusing on sound manipulation via computer, often with live and/or pre-recorded shô, since 1990. Her art often explores alternative performance settings, such as museums, bamboo groves, temples, and parks. Her music is available on CD from Spool, Cycling Œ74, Post Concrète, Innova, and other labels. Info and audio is on the web at

wade is a playful inter-neighborhood arts project celebrating Toronto's wading pools. Twenty scheduled performances and installations on the theme of immersive environments invite people of all ages to explore these amazing public spaces in our city. wade is co-presented by the wade Collective and YYZ Artists' Outlet, with the support of the City of Toronto's Departments of Culture and Parks and Recreation.


May 18, 2004 8 p.m. *Free admission*
The Art Gallery of York University
AGYU, North 145 Ross Building, 4700 Keele Street

Smash and Teeny with John Butcher
Special CD release concert! "Gathering" (Spool)

For further information please call 416.736.5169 or email

New double CD-music and video!
"Gathering" (Spool)

Smash and Teeny, featuring John Butcher
CD I: the best of Perera n Peebles (Smash and Teeny), 2001-2003, performing in the U.S. and Canada.
CD II: in studio with saxophonist John Butcher, 2003, London. Performing on the farm with calligrapher Chung Gong (a "Cinnamon Sphere" video, 1999).

Press Release and general info at Smash and Teeny.

Wednesday, April 7, 6-8 p.m. e.s.t.
Radio Performance, Fund Drive, Prizes, 20 Years Audible, Charts

Radio Performance, CIUT 89.5 FM and online live at
The Audible Woman 20 Years on the air!

Katharine Duncanson - voice, Tiina Kiik - accordion, Sarah Peebles - laptop, Dub Rocket - dub scientist perform for
"David n' Sarah's CIUT FunDrives": live mix-up show

Sarah Peebles and David Dacks are back with their two-hour non-stop absurdist mix of live and audio creations for "The Audible Woman" (celebrating 20 years of broadcast) and "Abstract Index", for the Friends of CIUT Spring 04 Membership Campaign.

6 p.m.-7 p.m features a surreal Via Rail journey across Canada as Tiina Kiik - last years' CIUT grand prize winner of the Via Rail cross-country Canada ticket - riffs, avec accordion, on her adventures across the plains and through the mountains, together with vocal musings by Katharine Duncanson and power bookings by Peebles (rail-riding permutations, New Zealand birds n bees and a special appearance by The Chickens).

Between 7 p.m. -8 p.m. expect to hear dub scientist Dub Rocket lay down some electronic roots riddims.

On-Air Prizes will be chosen 6:45 p.m. and 7:45 p.m.
Of course, your name must be in the hat to be chosen, so tune in and pledge!

2 subscriptions to MusicWorks Magazine
4 recordings of Canadian composers from empreintes DIGITALes:
Roxanne Turcotte/"Libellune", Monique Jean/"L'adieu au s.o.s. [A Farewell to S.O.S.]", Natasha Barrett/"Isostasie", and Micheline Coulombe- Saint-Marcoux/"Impulsion"
More awesome Cd packages via Mr. Dacks.

Pledge to "The Audible Woman" and "Abstract Index"
Tel. 416-946-7800, toll free USA./Canada 1-888-204-8976
or online at

We're asking for a $25 membership or any amount you can contribute, such as $10. Note that CIUT programmers must demonstrate listener support, or their shows will be cancelled. This is station policy. I hope you'll give your support. CIUT contributes invaluably to freedom of thought, political conciousness, community awareness and fresh sounds.

The Audible Woman is in it's 20th year! That is to say, it has been my priviledge to feature adventurious music and sound art created by women from all over the world from 1984 (over WCBN-FM, Ann Arbor, MI) to the present, at CIUT-FM, Toronto. The show has profiled hundreds of composers (perhaps thousands?), and in the last 13 years, in particular, has highlighted the activities of Canadians and Toronto-area artists.
NEW: chart listings are available at The Audible Woman web site (as of mid-April) - an invaluable resource for presenters, researchers, students, professors and composers.
Thanks to Marisa Iacobucci for organizing this.
The Audible Woman:

Sunday March 7, 2004 8 p.m. $5
Artword Theatre, 75 Portland St

Eugene's Sunday Series: February-March, 2004: Les Femmes Dangereux--Four evenings that focus on amazingly talented women in Toronto's improvised music community. Two ensembles featured each Sunday night led by notable women composer/musicians.

Ronda Rindone, bass clarinet, with Rob Clutton on bass and Nick Fraser on drums/percussion
Sarah Peebles, laptop computer music, with Nilan Perera on guitar/electronics.

Monday March 1st, 8 p.m. - midnight
InterAccess and CIUT 89.5 FM Presents
Kiwi Night @ The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth Lounge, 298 Brunswick Ave
(just off Bloor between Future Bakery and the Tranzac)
Tickets $2 at the door
Info: T 416-778-8487

A media jam party hosted by Sarah Peebles, featuring New Zealand audio art, performance videos and live audio-visual manipulation of NZ field recordings and photos by local artists. (web details at bottom)

Kiwi Night at The Labyrinth features New Zealand audio art and music improvisation, Antarctic performance videos, live manipulation of NZ bird song, bees and boiling mud, Maori music videos, 3-D slides and more! NZ audio/visual materials courtesy Phil Dadson music, performance and visual artist, Dean Hapeta/Te Kupu and Upper Hut Posse Moari/indigenous rights activist, musician, poet, and videographer (including his video, "Know the Links", featured at this year's Sundance Festival), Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns ancient Maori instrument revivalists and improvisers, and audio works by various NZ artists from Radio New Zealand.

Field recordings and visuals provided by Sarah Peebles (just back from NZ), Robert Cruickshank, and Frank Lindsay Kiwi bee keeper extroardinair. Live audio-visual jamming by local artists including Lewis Kaye, Galen Scorer, Bentley Jarvis, Jeremy Rotsztain, Matthew Nish-Lapidus, OCAD New Media students, and Peebles. Bring your own kiwi. Penguins not provided. Giant moas welcomed.

Related web sites:

Phil Dadson:
Dean Hapeta/Te Kupu and Upper Hut Posse:
Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns:
Radio New Zealand - 'Revolutions per Minute' (Matthew Leonard, producer):
Frank Lindsay:
Robert Cruickshank:
Sarah Peebles:

TBA 2004
'Revolutions per Minute' on Radio New Zealand / Te Reo Irirangi O aotearoa

A commissioned audiowork based on birdsong recorded December '03 at Paparoa National Park, South Island, New Zealand (check out

2 December 2003 - January 2004
The Physics Room
A Contemporary Art Project Space

Second Floor, Old Central Post Office Building
209 Tuam Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

"108-Walking Through Tokyo"
Sarah Peebles & Christie Pearson

Sarah Peebles is a Canadian-based audio artist, currently in the country working towards a broadcasting project with Radio New Zealand. The piece to be presented at The Physics Room features a 50-minute soundscape recorded in Tokyo at the turn of the century, December 2000 � January 2001. The audio work (originally commissioned by Radio Canada) is accompanied by a projected sequence of images depicting Tokyo's architecture, spaces and life, by photographer Christie Pearson.

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