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Tuesday-Sunday, April 24-29

Open Ears Festival: InnerEars Sound Installations
108 - Walking Through Tokyo
A portrait of Tokyo in image and sound (50 minutes, continuous screening)

Zero to One Gallery
5-107 King St W,
downtown Kitchener, Ontario

Sarah Peebles
    soundscape portnrait of the ever-changing metropolis without a centre
Christie Pearson
    digital images of Tokyo's architecture, spaces and life
with Yoshimura Hiroshi
    essay on Tokyo's soundscape past and present

“108” is a journey where image and sound immerse the viewer in the richness of the Tokyo cityscape.

Between each evocative street scene, Peebles masterfully creates a palpable sense of the joy of motion through urban spaces—the solid pneumatic hiss of the doors on the JR trains, station jingle and the learned nasal twang of a streetcar conductor. Christie Pearson’s street photos... add another dimension to an exquisitely sequenced piece of audio verité. - The Wire

What could emerge as self-indulgent noise is instead an absorbing episodic sound collage, recalling a more cohesive version of one of Glenn Gould's 1960s radio documentaries. - Eye Weekly

108 – Walking Through Tokyo mini-vidoe, images and details

Open Ears Festival:


Tuesday, April 24

Smash and Teeny with Additv at The Ambient Ping
8PM. PWYC ($5 suggested)

The Underground @ the Drake Hotel, Toronto
1150 Queen St. W at Beaconsfield . W of Ossington . E of Dufferin

Live electro-acoustic audio/visual improv derived from bees and other insects!
Video clips and info at

Rob King - live visuals
Nilan Perera - alterered electric guitar and effects
Sarah Peebles - laptop, mixing bowls, speaker drivers, and sho (mouth-organ)
(a/k/a Smash and Teeny)

Friday, January 16

I/O Media Aboveground @ InterAccess

9PM - 11PM (sharp!)

9 Ossington Avenue, just N. of Queen

Live electronic audio/visual improv using circuit-bent game consoles, bees bees bees, noise, and more buddha machine.

With Special Guests:
Smash and Teeny
Nilan Perera - alterered electric guitar and effects
Sarah Peebles - laptop and electrified mixing bowl


Featuring: David McCallumm, Dafydd Hughes, Rob Cruickshank, Michael Trommer,
Mandelbrut, Kristin Trethewey, Oliver Heinrich, Rob King



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