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On-going since July 2008

Resonating Bodies

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Thursday, Feb. 12-13, just after midnight, Berlin time
(6:05 pm in Toronto / New York, 5:05 pm in the Midwest, 3:05 pm in Vancouver)

“This week's German National Radio “Sound Art” radio and internet broadcast:
“Where The Sea Meets The Land“ by Cinnamon Sphere
(Perera and Peebles, audio with Chung Gong, visuals)

"Bee Space" (Peebles and Perera)
Live at io media above ground, Interaccess, January 2007
Bee Space features electric guitar with preparations and effects (Nilan Perera)
and transformations of honey bees, cicadas, airplanes and shoh/Japanese mouth-organ
(Peebles via laptop, shoh and mixing bowl).
It was improvised in perfomance with live visuals by Additv (Rob King).
Recording and mix by Ted Phillips.

livestream: (choose the links under “Deutschlandradio Kultur”)
Deutschlandradio Kultur-Klangkunst-Sendung Vom 13.02.2009

Videos of these groups posted at this site under, you guessed it,
'audio/video'. Images and details also here, under “Cinnamon Sphere”
and "Smash and Teeny".


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