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Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 7:30pm
David Toop and Sarah Peebles: Artist Talk

InterAccess Electronic Media Centre:
401 Richmond St., suite 444 (corner of Richmond and Spadina).
Free for InterAccess members/$5 for non-members.
Seating limited, please book seats in advance by emailing Lewis Kaye at
Presented by InterAccess Electronic Media Centre.
Tel.: (416) 599-7206 -


David Toop, Sarah Peebles, Darren Copeland and Nilan Perera

Two concerts of spacialized pre-recorded and live improvised electroacoustics, spoken word and altered electric guitar featuring renown musician and writer David Toop ("Rap Attack", "Ocean of Sound", "Exotica"), Toronto-based electroacoustic composer, Sarah Peebles, composer and sound designer Darren Copeland, and guitarist and improviser, Nilan Perera.

Toop, Perera and Peebles (photo: Ken Vickerson)


Saturday, November 16, 2002 at 8 p.m.

Annex Theatre, 736 Bathurst Street, Toronto

Tickets $15 ($25 for 2 concerts) Seating is Limited
Presented as part of SOUNDplay, by New Adventures in Sound Art in collaboration with Inter/Access and Feedback Monitor. Supported by CIUT 89.5 F.M.
Media Contact:
Nadene Th�riault / (nadene)

After the concert: CD launch reception
Butlers Pantry, 591 Markham St., Mirvish Village (just around the corner from the Annex Theatre).
"Insect Groove" (cycling 74) and, "108-Walking through Tokyo at the Turn of the Century" (Post-Concr�te); see below.

Thursday November 21, 2002

SAT 305 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montr�al

Tickets $15... TBC
Presented by SAT [digital scenes] Soci�t� des Arts Technologiques
Information: | T�l�phone (514) 844-2033 | T�l�copieur (514) 982-6093 |

David Toop (London, UK), flutes, steel pedal guitar, electronics and spoken word
Sarah Peebles (Toronto, Canada/U.S.), laptop, diffusion, minidisc and sh� (mouth-organ)
Nilan Perera (Toronto, Canada), altered electric guitar and electronics
Darren Copeland (Toronto, Canada), diffusion

These performances along with a lecture by David Toop and Sarah Peebles will commemorate two CD releases of Peebles' music: "Insect Groove" (c74) and "108 - Walking through Tokyo at the Turn of the Century" (Post Concr�te records enhanced CD).

"Visionary in it's experimental merging of the primitive with advanced digital technology... a series of incredibly active soundfields... Peebles' collaboration with David Toop from Hot Pants Idol fits effortlessly into this already Ballard-style mix of the wet and the wired: here the sho's resonance bleeds across more static throbs and whispers of interference and generator sounds."
   �The Wire ("Insect Groove" CD / c74)

Insect GrooveInsect Groove (c74 enhanced CD / September '02)
Compositions, improvisations and field recordings;
software examples of Max/MSP patches

Sarah Peebles, computer, sh� (mouth-organ), with guests
Nilan Perera, altered electric guitar and effects
Jin Hi Kim, electric komungo
David Toop, spoken word
K� Ishikawa, sh�

Walking Through Tokyo at the turn of the century
108: Walking Through Tokyo at the turn of the Century
("Post Concr�te" records enhanced CD/ September '02)

Sarah Peebles: 50-minute soundscape portrait of the colourful and ever-changing metropolis without a centre (2001)
Christie Pearson: photographs of Tokyo's architecture, spaces and life
With a foreword on Tokyo's soundscape past and present by Yoshimura Hiroshi.

See eContact! 4.3 (March, 2002)   Promenade sonore Soundwalk
Notes by Peebles and audio exerpt from "108": "Three Active Serves (video arcade, Yotsuya)".
A blend of 4 players' activities; pause at Akihabara station.

Saturday November 9, 2002 - 8 pm - Art System
_badpacket_ :


Festival HOTLINE
416-822-3219 | |

Mike Steventon + Michelle Kasprzak = badpacket
with Sarah Peebles

_badpacket_ use performance as a vehicle for the exploration of contemporary issues relating to the interfacing of humans and machines. In particular, they examine the changing role of human biology in the age of smart machines and genetic modification, and the evolution taking place within the architecture of human communication.

_badpacket_ use computer generated imagery, performance, live video mixing and projection, to create a unique layered environment that taps into our hopes and fears for the future of technology. Combining the use of digital, analogue, and live techniques allows badpacket to plunder the immediacy of the internet, the fluidity of live video mixing, and the responsive interactivity of performance.

Yesterday is Now
"Yesterday is Now - the War, 55 Years after Japan's Surrender"
(video, 96 minutes; February, 2002)

Produced and directed by Celine Rumalean (Vancouver, BC, Canada).
Soundtrack by Evan Parker, David Toop, Sarah Peebles, Nilan Perera, and Jin Hi Kim.

"Yesterday is Now" reveals the divisions in today's Japanese society as it struggles with the question of how to consider the war and Japan's responsibility for the crimes it committed during its occupation of neighbouring Asian countries between 1895-1945. Despite historic differences, this exploration of the past resonates eerily with the present: this is a revealing look at how a country can be mobilized into war, how atrocities can be committed in the name of a "just war," and how consequences of war live on in peacetime.

(Music: Evan Parker, soprano and alto saxophones; David Toop, steel pedal guitar, objects, electronics; Sarah Peebles-computer, shô�/mouth-organ; Nilan Perera-altered electric guitar; Jin Hi Kim-komungo and electric komungo.)

Tuesday, May 14 7:30 p.m. Preview Screening & reception
Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave (just south of Bloor). Free

"Yesterday is Now - the war, 55 years after Japan's surrender" (2002, video, 96 minutes)
Directed and produced by Celine Rumalean
Soundtrack by Evan Parker, Sarah Peebles, Nilan Perera, David Toop, Jin Hi Kim.

"Yesterday Is Now" explores how people in Japan today view the war and grapple with their country's responsibility for the crimes it committed during its occupation of neighbouring Asian countries between 1904 and 1945. Despite historic differences, this exploration of the past resonates eerily with the present: "Yesterday Is Now" is a revealing look into how a country can be mobilized into war, how atrocities can be committed in the name of a "just war," and how consequences of war live on in peacetime. A rare excursion into this Pandora's box of Japanese contemporary society, it explores the construction and reconstruction of the history of the war, and the legacies stemming from its distortions and neglect. A completely out there soundtrack accompanies compelling and deeply moving interviews with Japanese activists, politicians, teachers, artits, young people and some of the far right. Landmark historical footage (the 1945 radio broadcast of the emperor's complete surrender speach) and images of Japan's current city scapes add a central element of contextualization.

more information:

Tues, May 7, 2002, 7:30pm
Fringe Festival of Independant Jazz
Tranzac Club, 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto (just south of Bloor)
"A Synaptic Circus": Smash and Teeny (Peebles and Perera duo), Nilan Perera solo and "Dialogues" (Perera and Suzanna Hood, dance).

Sunday January 25, 2002
Best Of The Year programme on BBC Radio 3's "Mixing It" played "White Powder/The Spiders", selected by the listeners and the presenters (from "Insect Groove"/ Studio Excelo limited edition CD-R; by David Toop/Peebles).

Sarah Peebles "was a real discovery of the year."

BBC website:

Hours of cool viewing celebrating highlights and commissions from the Sonic Circuits festival:

Sonic Circuits IX: "Strange Nature" multi-media performances at The Southern Theatre (quartet) and Toronto's Fringe Festival of Dance/Village of Yorkville Park (quartet with dance).
Sarah Peebles, Takashi Harada, Kazue Mizushima, Yoji Toyosaki; with Peter Chin, JoAnna Powell, Katherin Gordon-Marsh and Allison Ulan.

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