Insect Groove

(c74 enhanced CD) - C74 Music Label

Sarah Peebles
with guest artists Kō Ishikawa, Jin Hi Kim, Nilan Perera and David Toop.

Compositions, improvisations and field recordings; software examples of Max/MSP patches.

Peebles-computer, shō/mouth-organ;
Kō Ishikawa-shō
Jin Hi Kim-komungo and electric komungo;
Nilan Perera-altered electric guitar;
David Toop-spoken word

Track 3. The Curse of Border Vacuums | Listen

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Insect Groove - Front cover

Insect Groove - Back cover

Sarah Peebles' Insect Groove is a set of sonic landscapes for the ear that is, in the words of The Wire, "... a rewarding interface between digital abstraction, group improvisation, 21st century program music, Zen performance and ecological manifesto." The disc collects a series of works by Sarah Peebles and an A-list of collaborators from the experimental music community (British composer and text artists David Toop and the extended guitar work of Nilan Perera) and the work of Jin Hi Kim and Kō Ishikawa, traditional musicians known world-wide for their commitment to bringing the sounds of their respective traditional Korean and Japanese court instruments into the new century. The resulting soundscapes are lively collections of the near-familiar, where radio broadcasts, insects, power tools, birds, and acoustic instruments live side-by-side in provocative harmony.

Cycling 74

"Visionary in its experimental merging of the primitive with advanced digital technology... a series of incredibly active soundfields that tick and coagulate and distort their way into presence.... Peebles' collaboration with David Toop from Hot Pants Idol fits effortlessly into this already Ballard-style mix of the wet and the wired...Perera's interests in Sri Lankan folk music and Harry Partch nicely match Peebles' own eclecticism and revision of the primitive. The duo, augmented by Ishikawa and Kim, mix tidal undulations of tone with the ability to pick out sharp flecks of texture in complex aural environments."

The Wire

"As the album's name suggests, most of the sounds on the album, be they Japanese cicadas, radio stations, a skipping CD or Toop's voice itself, sound as if they are chattering or buzzing inside your ears... the result is intellectually fascinating, if distinctly uneasy, listening."

eye Weekly

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