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Max, Sample Cell, ABControl images (archive)

"Clear Dawn" Mediations from Paparoa and Kapiti Island"
June 2004 - June 2005
Radio New Zealand commission, Matthew Leonard, producer.
Demo CD available upon request.

Programme notes now available on this site.


Music for Incandescent Events; Sunset

July 2005 onward
Online audio for your listening-viewing pleasure at
by Sarah Peebles

Watch the sunset or sunrise and listen while online. Two audio mp3 files (short and long) of Music for Incandescent Events are at

This is straight-up audio to apply to your very own sunset, sunrise, aurora borealis, lava flow or other incandescent experience. Watch your own local thang while listening online or on your mp3 player.

Music for Incandescent Events, initially an audio piece, was created while I watched the sunset through my small kitchen window in Toronto.  It then developed into an installation, created by myself and new media artist, Robert Cruickshank (a separate work, see below).  
It's best enjoyed with colourful clouds viewed from any direction while outside or through a window. Hearing the work while watching a sunset/sunrise or other incandescent event is essential.  I would be delighted to receive any comments or feedback on your experience.  

Thanks to the efforts of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, is an exceptional audio library of electroacoustic works.

Music for Incandescent Events; Sunset
Installation for light sensors and audio

by Sarah Peebles and Robert Cruickshank

Music for Incandescent Events highlights the daily event of sunset at the site-specific locations to be announced. The sky's changing light at dusk is measured by sensors which trigger stored fragments of sound derived from the tones of a de-tuned shô (Japanese mouth organ). The piece assembles a unique audio composition with each sunset.
Music for Incandescent Events premiered as a part of WADE (June 25 - 27, 2004 Gibraltar Point/Toronto Islands; and showed at DeLeon White Gallery rooftop deck as a part of the McLuhan International Festival of the Future, "Scanning Nature" exhibition October 9-17, 2004 (  

Installation Details

More delights and the ever-stimulating blog "Endless Parade of Excellence" at



"Lickety Split" music and visual improv


Monday, February 7, 2005 - 8 p.m.
The Tranzac Club
292 Brunswick Ave (just south of Bloor St.) - Toronto
Suggested $10 / PWYC

Yuko Nexus6 (from Japan) - laptop
Sarah Peebles - laptop
Rob Cruickshank - slide projections, film
Barnyard Drama: Jean Martin - drums/turntables/loops + Christine Duncan - voice

Yuko will sing some Japanese old folk songs in "folktronica" way with Max/MSP and will manipulate a variety of her own sounds. Sarah will gently massage (sounds of) bees in bottles, freshly-fallen snow, Tokyo JR train stop songs and little birds from New Zealand. Rob will project slides, film loops, shadows, and perhaps a pixel or two. Brightly coloured shapes and movement will stimulate learning. Barnyard Drama will do what they do best: think Mahler and Wagner, slow it right down, add radio Istanbul and the tooth fairy cause you know it's got to be sweet and creepy.

Yuko Nexus6 is a Japanese performer. Especially electro-acoustic, computer music scene. She did not go to any music or art school. When she was 30 years old --at that time, she was an office worker --she met Apple Macintosh classic II computer and fell in love with it. Then she started her musical career with Max/MSP and other sound softwares. In 1998, she released first solo CD "Bit Diary" (now it's out of print). This album was made by 8 bit lo-fi sounds from her PowerBook 165. This sound diary album beloved many audiences -- art school students, professional classical music composers, jazz improvisers and so on. In 2002, she released her 3rd solo CD "Journal de Tokyo" from sonore records ( This album got Honorary Mention in Ars Electronica digital music part 2003. Her style is very unique. Using simple handmade Max/MSP programs, some toys, her voice etc.etc. Her performance is in-between music and sound art, music and performance art, artistic work and childish play. Since 2001, she is a member of WPAO. This group is Osaka Japan based women's artists' group.

Sarah Peebles is a composer, improviser and broadcaster. She manipulates sounds on the fly which she has gathered from North America, Asia and Europe, and also draws upon the sustained tones of the shô, the Japanese mouth-organ. Her activities have included a wide variety of interdisciplinary projects as well as recordings of note "Insect Groove" (c74), "Gathering" (with Nilan Perera, Spool), "Suspended in Amber" (innova) and others.

Rob Cruickshank is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist. His work in various media including electronic and robotic installations, sound art, electroacoustic music, and photography have been exhibited in Toronto, and internationally. He has also developed a number of workshops at InterAccess Electronic Media Art Centre, providing artists with an opportunity to learn electronics. His new piece, "Spiral Inscriber" is currently exhibiting at Fly Gallery, 1172 Queen Street West from Jan 3 to 31.

Barnyard Drama (Jean Martin and Christine Duncan) takes a fresh look at improvising, combining elements of song and soundscape. Christine's five octave range and extended voice techniques combined with Jean's use of drums and sounds from various sources (vinyl LP's and digital loops) make for a challenging and exciting performance. Jazz, fairy tales, musique actuelle, songs, nursery rhymes, electro-avant-garde-new-acoustic-tuvan-primpram-ambiant-music...These genres are combined to create what you might hear during a performance. Think Mahler and Wagner, slow it right down, add radio Istanbul and the tooth fairy cause you know it's got to be sweet and creepy. Their 2004 release, "Memories and a list of things to do" (Barnyard records) is provocative and ever-popular.


Yuko Nexus6 Kitamura

Sarah Peebles

Rob Cruickshank


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