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Sunday September 28 and October 5, 2008 14:00-21:00

“Clear Dawn: Meditations from Paparoa and Kapiti Island ” (Sarah Peebles)
continuous play in the listening gallery

der Geräuschladen
Weichselstr. 49
12045 Berlin-Neukölln

ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen is a sound gallery, school and office for interdisciplinary art in Berlin-Neukölln




August 22 - 24, 2008

a i m t o r o n t o presents an interface with Peggy Lee

Saturday, august 24, 3:30pm @ somewhere there
(340 dufferin street at melbourne ave)

attariwala/ kiik/ lee
[ parmela attariwala (violin, viola) tiina kiik (accordion) peggy lee (cello) ]

smash & teeny
[ sarah peebles (sho) nilan perera (guitars, preparations, electronics) ]

dutton/ lee/ sorbara
[ paul dutton (voice) peggy lee (cello) joe sorbara (drums, percussion) ]

Curated by the aimtoronto board, the interface series is a three-night concert event
featuring visiting musicians along-side members of the local creative improvised music community.

Website: a i m t o r o n t o [ d o t ] o r g


Saturday 26 July, 1-5pm

Somewhere There Presents: MUSIC(in)GALLERIES

Live Creative Music in Twenty Queen Street West Art Galleries For the third year in a row, MUSIC(in)GALLERIES will transform the Queen Street West art gallery district into a walking tour of Toronto’s vibrant scene of creative improvised music. At no cost to the public, small groups of musicians will enliven the distinct acoustic spaces of twenty gallery spaces between Trinity Bellwoods Park and Gladstone Avenue with short sets of live music during one afternoon in July; the first group will start at 1pm in the easternmost gallery, with subsequent sets starting at ten-minute intervals, moving westward. The event route ends at the Gladstone Melody Bar where, following the final set by Christine Duncan’s inimitable Element Choir, the 55 MUSIC(in)GALLERIES musicians as well as audience members are welcome for a late-afternoon event afterparty.

Event Details: Free to the public – each set will be approximately twenty-five minutes

1:00 Lausberg Contemporary, 880 Queen Street West
       Michael Keith (guitar) & Aaron Lumley (bass)
1:10 Angell Gallery, 890 Queen Street West
       Tania Gill & Justin Haynes (melodicas)
1:20 *new* gallery, 906 Queen Street West
       Sarah Peebles (solo sho)
1:30 Edward Day Gallery, 952 Queen Street West
       Feuermusik: Jeremy Strachan (reeds) & Gus Weinkauf (buckets)
1:40 MOCCA, 954 Queen Street West
       Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet) & Evan Shaw (alto saxophone)
1:50 Clint Roenisch Gallery, 944 Queen Street West
       Eric Chenaux (guitar) & Rob Clutton (bass)

an on and on... see for the whole schedule!


July, 2008

Speakers Series: Indigenous Pollinators, Habitat and Co-evolution
Researchers and artists speak about pollinator and bee biodiversity, habitat and related topics throughout the month of July at various venues.
Co-presented by Seeds of Diversity and InterAccess, Dorkbot and Franklin Children's Garden.

Thursday July 17, 7:00 p.m: “Barcodes and Bees?”

Featuring Professor Laurence Packer (York University) and “Resonating Bodies” artists.
A Dorkbot event at InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre Studio,
9 Ossington Ave at Queen W. (

Dr. Laurence Packer, Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at York University, author of “A Guide to Toronto’s Pollinators” (published by the David Suzuki Foundation) will discuss pollinator diversity and pollinator-habitat relationships, emphasizing recent research regarding DNA barcode data in understanding the bees of Canada. Artists Sarah Peebles, Rob King, Anne Barros and Robert Cruickshank will be present to discuss their interdisciplinary work, “Resonating Bodies - Bumble Domicile” in this context. Topics include visualization of pollen gathering data, ultraviolet video, the electroforming process, and audio transformations of bee sounds. Resonating Bodies is a series of mixed media installations and community outreach projects which focus on the biodiversity of pollinators indigenous to the ecosystems of the Greater Toronto Area. Conceived by Sarah Peebles with Rob King, Rob Cruickshank and Anne Barros, the installations illuminate aspects of local biodiversity, such as bumblebee colonies and their foraging activities, ultraviolet bee vision, and pollinator/plant co-evolution.


July 4-27, 2008

Resonating Bodies — Bumble Domicile
A co-presentation between InterAccess Media Arts Centre and New Adventures in Sound Art
*new* gallery 906 Queen W., Toronto (corner of Crawford and Queen W.)

Saturday July 12th: opening garden party and talk

4pm - 6pm, opening reception and garden party at *new* gallery
7 p.m., “The Forgotten Pollinators”, talk by Dr. Stephen L Buchmann at
InterAccess Studio, 9 Ossington Ave at Queen W.

Sarah Peebles, audio installation, concept
Rob King, visualisations
Anne Barros, metal smith
Robert Cruickshank, ultravioliet video, technical assistance

“Resonating Bodies” is a series of mixed media installations and community outreach
projects which focuses on biodiversity of pollinators indigenous to the natural and urban
ecosystems of the Greater Toronto Area. “Bumble Domicile” (part 1) highlights distinct
features of bumble bees through an observation hive, adjacent garden, visual and audio
transformations, scent, touch, and biological information.

Guest talks with collaborating researchers on pollinator biodiversity throughout July at various venues.

Trading Cards, colour-coded DNA barcodes and more!

General info:


Wednesday February 20th, 2008, 9pm

“Pollinator Series: Hive Study” for room and solo performer

MERCER UNION A Centre For Contemporary Visual Art
37 Lisgar Street, Toronto (South of Queen St., West of Dovercourt)

Sound Performance/installation for computer, multiple speaker drivers, mixing bowls,
shoh (mouth-organ) and room with beeswax/resin scent.
Sarah Peebles - composer/performer.

Hive Study is a quasi-improvisational, quasi-chance performance piece/installation transforming the Mercer Union gallery space into a sonic honey bee hive featuring sounds of masses of bees recorded inside glass jugs and hives, cicada, and airplanes. Using material initially recorded over several days near Wellington, New Zealand at Lindsay's Apieries, Peebles mixes, layers, manipulates and projects these sounds alongside the shoh — the Japanese mouth-organ used in gagaku (court music) which has made use of beeswax for the past 1,500 years. You are invited to roam about the space, nap or sit where you like - BYO cushions, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, etc.

This project is part of the Canada Council's Music in Alternative Spaces program. 

E:   T: 416-536-1519

Demo audio at


Friday February 15, 2008, 9pm

Leftover Daylight Series,
in association with Arraymusic and AIMToronto

60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 218


9 p.m.
smash & teeny
[sarah peebles (sho) nilan perera (guitar)]

february's guest curator is arnd jurgensen


Friday January 11, 2008, 9pm - 1am

Creative Improviser’s Assembly

The Tranzac Club
Brunswick Ave., Toronto

Sarah Peebles’ Selfish Gene (ensemble)
CCMC (trio)
Joe Sorbara’s Other Foot First (ensemble)
I Have Eaten the City (trio)

Sarah Peebles’ Selfish Gene
jon bakan (alto saxophone)
nick buligan (trumpet)
arnd jurgensen (guitar)
tilman lewis (cello)
michael-owen liston (bass)
aaron lumley(bass)
paul newman (soprano saxophone)
nicole rampersaud (trumpet)
joe sorbara (conductor)

All details here:



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