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Nuit Blanche (toronto)
Saturday, September 30th 7pm — Sunday, October 1st 7am 

Nuit Blanche is a city-wide all night arts event, sponsored by the City of Toronto and ScotiaBank. Google Live With Culture for details on the whole thang.

I have 2 (two) performances:
7 - 8 p.m. at Trinity Bellwoods Community Center swimming pool
6 - 6:45 a.m. (dawn!) with Nilan Perera at Grange Park site behind the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Details below:

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Night Swim
Trinity Bellwoods Community Center swimming pool
Queen West at Crawford (55 Crawford Street), Toronto
7 p.m. to 7 a.m. / September 30th 2006

Performance Schedule:

7-8 p.m. Sarah Peebles
8-9 Raz Mesinai
9-10 Marina Rosenfeld
10-11 FM3
11-12 Luis Jacob
12-1 a.m. Geoff Snack
1-2 Sandro Perri
2-3 Windy and Carl
3-4 Tim Hecker
4-5 Keith Fullerton Whitman
5-7 Orixasound

Installation by Christie Pearson, produced by Marcus Boon, Darren Copeland, Rob Cruickshank, Robin Dutt

I will perform "AquaNightFlight" - live multi-channel audio, mixing bowls,
speaker drivers, underwater speakers. possibly shoh.

NIGHT SWIM is a cross between a sound and light installation, a music festival and a swimming pool party which will be held from sunset till sunrise at the Trinity Bellwoods Community Centre swimming pool in Toronto on Saturday September 30, 2006. Architect and artist Christie Pearson, co-organizer of the highly successful WADE festivals of performance art in Torontoís public wading pools, has transformed this much loved downtown public swimming pool into a shimmering, reflective dream-space for one night only. Wire contributor Marcus Boon has invited sound artists, musicians and DJs to produce site specific works and sets in a sound environment designed by sound designer Darren Copeland, which will include underwater microphones and speakers. The event is free and open all night ñ visitors can swim (bring your bathing suit, towels provided!), lounge in the kiddiesí pool, or hang out in the bleachers and around the pool, soaking up the sound and light. 120 people in the pool at a time maximum ñ first come, first served!

Sounds: Colossal drone-scapes by Montrealís Tim Hecker; loops by Beijing-based creators of the Buddha Machine FM3; heavy ambient sounds by Boston-based Keith Fullerton Whitman a.k.a Hravatski; guitar and bass trance music from Michiganís Windy and Carl; turntablist-composer Marina Rosenfeld and experimental tribal rhythmist Raz Mesinai from New York; from Toronto, electronic composer and improvisor Sarah Peebles, Sandro Perri/Polmo Polpoís indie funk, sexy nocturnal grooves with Luis Jacob, baile funk, grime and dancehall from Geoff Snack, a.k.a. DJ Showcase Showdown, and ecstatic sustained tones by Orixasound.

Night Swim is a part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, a signature event of the City of Toronto's Live With Culture campaign.

"Model for a Public Space (Speaker)"/ event
part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche — co-presented with AIMToronto Jazz Avant series
Time: 7pm-7am / September 30th 2006
Tickets: FREE
Place: Grange Park site behind the Art Gallery of Ontario
(E. of St. George St., S. of Dundas / N. of Music Gallery, S. of AGO)

6:00 - 6:45 a.m., Sunday morning
Smash and Teeny
Nilan Perera:altered electric gtr / effects
Sarah Peebles: powerbook and widgets

Event Details:
Featuring The Woodchoppers Association, Smash & Teeny, Mindbender, Joe Sorbara/Michaelangelo Iaffaldano/Jim Bailey, Deb Sinha,Ben Grossman, and more
Scotiabank Nuit Blanche is The City of Toronto's "All Night Contemporary Art Thing."
The Music Gallery and AIMToronto are collaborating to program a night of site-specific performances, public discussions, and interactive workshops within the Model for a Public Space (Speaker) installation in Grange Park, which will emphasize not only the diverse forms creativity of the musicians within our communities, but also the notion of improvisation as social practice. These twinned emphases will work to highlight the relationship between creative, collaborative music, and social, artistic and political dialogue more generally. The music itself will draw from many informing styles and genres, and will embrace various media including acoustic and electronic sound-sources in both small and large ensembles. However, each programming element will, at root, emphasize attentiveness, dialogue, responsiveness, responsibility, and creativity – traits which articulate the fundamentally social nature of all music-making.

About the installation:
model for a public space (speaker) is a non-hierarchical circular seating structure built to facilitate conversation between large numbers of people sitting in close proximity to one another. The structure looks like a crater, or a speaker facing upwards. On the outside it slopes upwards along a spiral ramp until it reaches a height of 2 metres and from there is slopes down until it touches the ground again at the center. Through this simple diagram it is possible to sit looking inward towards one another and outward to the surrounding city. mps (speaker) is composed of two parts, a continuous wood surface and a steel scaffold of connected points. The surface acts as an essential definition of space, providing a place for sitting or standing, at various elevations. However this plane is supported by a much lighter network of tubes which run across its stepped striations. This dialectic of surface versus structure multiplies positions - inside, outside, beneath and beyond are a set of habitable locations it supports. As a temporary sculpture it acts as a formwork, a state of exception that encourages conversation within a contemporary political climate of discipline and control. For Nuit Blanche, mps (speaker) will be placed in Grange Park, as a site for set of conversations on the subject of the creative city and possibilities. Before midnight the site will host a limited number of performative discussions generated in different Toronto localities. After midnight there will be a set of sonic conversations, in which musicians from across the city will make improvised music. These events will be open to passersby to engage or watch. Between these planned events, use of the space will be left open and unfocused. Continuing conversations will spiral out from the focused discussions, but which will move in a multiplicity of directions, running in and out of focus.


Music Gallery

About Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
From sunset on Saturday, September 30 to sunrise on Sunday, October 1 encounter the city in a unique way and explore Toronto through public art commissions, all-night exhibitions, live performances and creative programs featured throughout the city. This cultural rendezvous opens the doors to hundreds of museums, galleries, institutions and unusual spaces each featuring free art programs all night long. For one sleepless night the familiar will be discarded and Toronto will become the artistic playground for a series of exhilarating contemporary art experiences.Paris, France introduced Nuit Blanche to the world in October 2002. In Paris, this annual event is at once a “high” art event (past commissions included works by Bill Viola, Sophie Calle, and James Turell) and a free celebration easily accessible to the public (more than a million Parisians participate each year).This all-night free celebration of contemporary art has been such an enormous success in Paris that many cities have followed suit. In 2006, Toronto joins the international ranks of Brussels, Rome, Montreal, Madrid and Riga (among others) to becomethe most recent Nuit Blanche city.
One night only. All night long.

"One of Toronto’s greatest assets is its vibrant culture of creativity. On September 30, I’m inviting Torontonians to stay up all night and encounter their city in a unique way. Scotiabank Nuit Blanche is welcomed as one of the most innovative and exciting additions to Toronto’s already impressive roster of cultural celebrations.” —Mayor David Miller

August 12, 2005 8pm 
Multi-channel Concert, a part of Sound Travels festival of sound art

St. Andrew by-the-Lake church, Toronto Island

This multi-channel concert will explore the beautiful natural acoustics of St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Church with a new 12-channel surround system designed by artistic director Darren Copeland that features the physical control over the movement of sound above and around the audience. Works featured include Masques et Parades by Stéphane Roy, Denis Smalley's Wind Chimes, John Young's Virtual, a selection from Clear Dawn for tape and Japanese Shoh performed by Toronto-based sound artist Sarah Peebles, the soundscape work "Addy en el país de las frutas y los chunches" by Francisco López and brief candle by the software programmer of the new system Ben Thigpen.

A part of soudaXis
Screenings at Goethe-Institut Toronto, Kinowelt Hall
Saturday June 3, 11 a.m and Saturday June 10, 11a.m. (yes it's in the morning)
Admission free

108—Walking Through Tokyo  (January 2006, 50 minutes. Canadian premier)

Sarah Peebles
50-minute soundscape portrait of the ever-changing metropolis without a centre
Christie Pearson
digital images of Tokyo's architecture, spaces and life
with Yoshimura Hiroshi
essay on Tokyo's soundscape past and present

“108 — Walking through Tokyo” immerses the viewer in the richness of a metropolis through image and sound. A journey created by two Toronto artists: soundscape by composer Sarah Peebles; images by artist/architect Christie Pearson. The screening is contextualized by Urban Deconstructions, currently on view at Goethe-Institut Gallery, with work by Alekos Hofstetter and Holger Lippmann of Berlin, and architects Paul Raff and David Warne of Toronto. A 12 min. video-loop from this show precedes Walking through Tokyo.

Goethe-Institut Toronto, Kinowelt Hall. 163 King St. W., St. Andrew subway.  T (416) 593-5257
Presented by the Goethe-Institut and soundaXis in cooperation with the Japan Foundation.

Between each evocative street scene, Peebles masterfully creates a palpable sense of the joy of motion through urban spaces - the solid pneumatic hiss of the doors on the JR trains, station jingle and the learned nasal twang of a streetcar conductor. Christie Pearson's street photos on the enhanced CD add another dimension to an exquisitely sequenced piece of audio verité. -The Wire

What could emerge as self-indulgent noise is instead an absorbing episodic sound collage, recalling a more cohesive version of one of Glenn Gould's 1960s radio documentaries. - Eye Weekly

More information about: "108-Walking Through Toyko"

View a 3 minute video from "108" (you need the Flash plug-in 8.0).



June 8, 2006  7:00-8:15pm (starting points @ 7pm)  
"Fly By" audiopedicab ride by Peebles -
part of four lines and touch space at the soundaXis festival.
Four lines, a city-wide mobile prelude converging on the Donnelly Centre (160 College, w. of University)

Four Lines features Rob Clutton (double bass) Nilan Perera (guitar + percussion) Sarah
Peebles (laptop, electronics and shoh) Barnyard Drama (Christine Duncan, vocals + Jean
Martin, percussion). Details at

Sarah's surreal audio-pedicab ride

Photos by Rob Cruickshank at the beginning of our journey, La Palette restaurant on Augusta St. just South of College, in Kensington Market, and at the Donelly Centre.
“Fly-By” considers the poetry of sound and timbre in space and our perception of everyday surroundings when mediated by a musical or sonic event unexpectedly in our midst in “Fly-By”. Projecting from a pedicab (bycicle rickshaw), I processed recordings of masses of honey bees inside glass jugs, frogs, birds and filtered shoh (mouth-organ) using a laptop with amplifyers placed at the front and rear of the pedicab as Micheal Johnson - pedicab driver - enthusiastically guided us throughout the streets of Little Italy, up to Little Korea, along Bloor past Honest Eds and down Avenue Road/University to the College.

At the end of the journey, we rolled into the atrium of the Donelly Centre, joining the other improvisors gathered there for Four Lines, where I made a transition to the spacious, lush upper bamboo grove in the atruim.  Part two of this improvised performance consisted of the above sounds mixed with live shoh performance and a small installation of stainless steel mixing bowls planted among the bamboo reverberating with the sounds of processed bees, the vibrations transmitted to the bowls via transducers (speaker drivers) beneath the bowls. “Fly-By” is a part The Pollinator Series, which includes the audio works “Clear Dawn” and “Flight Paths”, and the installation-in-progress, “Resonating Bodies”.

See images of reverberating bowls with Chris Cammidge summer 2005 on the Leslie St. Spit here.

Huge thanks to Rob Cruickshank for massive tech assistance, photos *and* video of the wild audio-pedicab ride throughout the streets of T.O. shot from his longboard.Thanks to Shimez Amlani of La Palette for lending the lovely old pedicab from India, Micheal Johnson, John Sherlock, Glen Hall, Geordie Haley, Sally Mckay, Sophia Grigoriadis, Mary Frances Ellison and to Frank Lindsay/Lindsay Apiaries ( Johnsonveille, New Zealand) and P.O. Hellgren (Bollnas,Sweden) for assistance with bee recordings.



26.05.2006      00:05 Uhr
Deutschlandradio Kultur
"Klangkunst" broadcast

"Clear Dawn: Meditations from Paparoa and Kapiti Island"
radio work, 2005. duration: 41:00 in 3 sections  

The terrestrial frequencies of Deutschlandradio: .
Announcement for this program:

Programme notes now available on this site.


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