Sarah Peebles: Composer/Performer, Studio Excelo


"Visionary in its experimental merging of the primitive with advanced digital technology... a series of incredibly active soundfields" - The Wire

"The music here has a rare elegance, its evolution taking place in near-silence." - Eye Weekly, Toronto

"A strange environmental and almost mystical soiree... Beauty pervades immensity and light years." - The Improvisor

In the Canopy
Meditations from Paparoa and Kapiti Island
Sarah Peebles
Pan110 Panospria | notype

Music for Incandescent Events:
Audio for Skyscapes around Sunset and Sunrise

Delicacies in the Garden of Plenty
Sarah Peebles, Kyle Brenders & Nilan Perera

Delicate Paths
Sarah Peebles with Evan Parker, Nilan Perera, Suba Sankaran
unsounds 42U

108 – Walking through Tokyo
at the turn of the century

Sarah Peebles, soundscapes
Christie Pearson, photos
Post Concrète records

Smash and Teeny with John Butcher
Spool Field 5

Suspended in Amber
Sarah Peebles
with Takashi Harada, Kazue Mizushima,
Kô Ishikawa, Hiromi Yoshida and Ikuo Kakehashi
innova 506

Insect Groove
Sarah Peebles
with Kô Ishikawa, Jin Hi Kim, Nilan Perera
and David Toop
Cycling 74

Yesterday is Now
The War, 55 Years after Japan's Surrender

video by Celine Rumalean. Soundtrack
by Evan Parker, David Toop, Sarah Peebles,
Nilan Perera, Jin Hi Kim

Moving Images Distribution

whose forest?
CD compilation

Cinnamon Sphere
Nilan Perera, Sarah Peebles, Chung Gong Ha

Kaladar Kodex
Cinnamon Sphere videos
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Musicworks | for curious ears (#111, Winter 2011)
Full Article pdf here.
Visions of Sound feature online:
Sarah Peebles’ Audio Bee Booth
CD includes Peebles’ Condo Living, Lift and Hive Study no. 3

The Tree Museum Catalogue 2011 - 2012
Items May Shift Sound Installations
Guest Curator Earl Miller
Essays by Earl Miller, Simone Jones and Gayle Young
Pollination Wunder Station (pp 9-10 & 18-19)

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Terra Nova Journal
(MIT Press)

"Music from Nature", special Terra Nova Journal issue with compilation CD (Summer, 1997) - Includes "Nocturnal Premonitions" (Peebles, 1994; see Reviews)

"Music from Nature - A Terra Nova Concert Festival" also took place at The Kitchen, January 23-24, 1998 with performances by Peebles, David Toop, Doug Quin, Jaron Lanier and David Rothenberg; and sound installation by Andra McCartney and Patrick Moore.

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Musicworks (#66, Fall 1996)
Article with audio examples on accompanying CD: "High-tech versus My-tech: Developing systems for electro-acoustic improvisation and composition" -- on adapting music industry-oriented technology for experimental forms and creating multi-layered improvisational systems.

Physics Room (Annual 2003)
108:Walking through Tokyo at the Turn of the Century


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