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In The Canopy: Meditations from Paparoa and Kapiti Island
A long-form sonic journey involving soundscapes of Aotearoa's birds, insects and water that considers our perception of all life and life forces that surround us, and the immensity of Earth's biosphere.
PAN 110 Panospria | notype (digital album, 40 min. 2022).
Korimako (bellbird) photo by Steve Attwood.

Free-improvisation trio & soundscape - electroacoustic works featuring birds and insects from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Delicacies in the Garden of Plenty

Native Bee Nest Sites by Sarah Peebles a synopsis of my approaches to creating nest sites for native bees and wasps under the umbrella of Resonating Bodies projects

From Delicate Paths — Music for Shô たおやかな歩み 笙の音 (unsounds 42U) album details

Pollination Wunder Station at the Tree Museum,
Muskoka, Ontario (Items May Shift exhibit, 2011)

Odes to Solitary Bees video poems
Stephen Humphrey and Sarah Peebles

Apiograph art installation
Rob King (additv), data visualization, projection; Sarah Peebles, audio & collaborators

Apiograph’s virtual garden as projected
Apiograph was connected to a bumble bee hive as a part of “Resonating Bodies - Bumble Domicile” by Anne Barros, Rob Cruickshank, Rob King and Sarah Peebles

Condo Living
Recorded at The Toronto Zoo

108 – Walking through Tokyo

Sarah Peebles – audio & Christie Pearson – photography

Video Installation  (2002/2018):  Video excerpt  |  Full video

108 Album (2002): Track 5 Three Active Serves (video arcade, Yotsuya)

Music for Incandescent Events — sunset
Installation for light sensors and audio

(Sarah Peebles & Robert Cruickshank)

Video Demo | Watch your sunset or sunrise and listen. | Details

Nilan Perera and Sarah Peebles
Smash and Teeny (Nilan Perera & Sarah Peebles)
Sarah Peebles, computer, shō & Nilan Perera, altered electric guitar, effects
photo by Dan Peebles

Bee Space performance: Smash and Teeny with Additv (visuals)
live at I/O Media Aboveground (InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre, Toronto, 2007

Bee Space audio

looking glass from the album "Gathering" (spool FIELD 5) see Recordings for more

Gathering album and more at CBC

photo by Laurence Acland
Cinnamon Sphere mixed-media trio
Sarah Peebles and Nilan Perera,improvised sound
Chung Gong Ha, calligraphy performance

At the Music Gallery, Toronto with guest
Jin Hi Kim, komungo, electric komungo and changgo
description / credits

If You Catch a Bird: Receive

If You Catch a Bird: Hover

If You Catch a Bird: Go

One afternoon at Gay and Paul’s farm in Kaladar, Ontario…
Kaladar Kodex | description & credits

Slow Life
a single, spontaneous painting in dialogue with sound performance
see pdf for full credits and description

Strange Nature
Bravo! News - August, 1996

(with Sarah Peebles and Peter Chin)

Strange Nature
A nocturnal drama in one act, transforming the Village of Yorkville
Park into a dynamic night-time stage, employing movement-theatre,
light sculpture, sound installation and electroacoustic music

Sarah Peebles, Takashi Harada, Kazue Mizushima, Yoji Toyosak
Peter Chin, JoAnna Powell, Allison Ulan, Katherine Gordon-Marsh

see pdf for full credits and description

CBC Music:
Sarah Peebles
Smash and Teeny (Peebles & Perera)

Library of electroacoustic works hosted by
the Canadian Electroacoustic Community


Peebles & Collaborators


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