Sarah Peebles: Composer/Performer

“Transforming Temple” concert

September 25, 1993, 17:00 - 20:00
Shukoji Temple, Kawasaki, Japan

poster by
Saegusa Yasuyuki

Portions of this concert and other
works are available on the audio CD
"Suspended in Amber" (innova Recordings 506);
liner booklet in English, French and
Japanese language.

Reverse of poster (click to enlarge)


Traditional gagaku works: Taishiki-cho netori, Chogeishi

performers: Motohashi Aya, Yamamura Yasuo, Suzuki Haruo, Shimazu Norifumi, Yoshida Hiromi and Sarah Peebles

New works (by Sarah Peebles): Blue Moon Spirit, Tomoe (revolving life, version #4), Phoenix Calling

performers: Yoshida Hiromi, Kaieda Harumi, Kakehashi Ikuo, Sarah Peebles, Motohashi Aya, Yamamura Yasuo, Suzuki Haruo, Shimazu Norifumi, Morimoto Mie (Higuchi Yuji - lighting, Christophe Charles - sound, Asai Aki - management)

Supported by the US-Japan Friendship Commission and the Uchida Fellowship / Japan Foundation, Apple Japan, Digidesign, Opcode, Dynatek, Korg, InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre




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