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Toronto's edition of this festival (a project of the American Composers Forum) brought together performances, installations and projects by Toronto's diverse community of musicians and multimedia artists working with electronic technology, presented alongside a traveling pool of curated works for electroacoustic tape by The American Composers Forum and Toronto ElectroAcoustics. The CD "Sonic Circuits 96" produced by ACF, and "Short Circuits" — a festival of radiophonic interruptions, curated and produced by Niel Wiernick — were both hits at CIUT-FM, University of Toronto Campus and Community Radio.

Here are some details on the festival in Toronto

  • computer-controlled file cabinet robots, sheet-metal instruments, animated trunks and stuffed animals.
  • music by vintage electronic instruments such as the theremin and the ondes Martenot
  • electric hurdy-gurdy and underwater soundscapes swimming with digital fish
  • electro-acoustic tape, sound installations, live performance with electronics, computer-based pieces, net-based works, video art
    • . . . . and much more!
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ACTIVITIES: Radio, Performances, Installations and Workshops.

Recordings and detailed programmes of the following are available from various sources. Contact us for info.

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October 21 – November 3, 1996
CIUT Radio 89.5 FM
24-hour random interception!

"Short Circuits": a festival of radiophonic interruptions, with one- to three-minute audio works programmed in an interventionary manner over CIUT throughout the festival. Curated by Neil Wiernik, with special programming over Temporary Nice Place (hosted by Wiernik)

Tuesday, October 22 & October 29, 1996
CIUT Radio 89.5 FM
8-10 p.m.
Host, Ted Phillips.

"The Media Lab": Music from the electroacoustic caravan, interviews with installation creators Robert Cruickshank and Craig Macnaughton; interview with Sarah Peebles and surprise guests. Prerecorded electroacoustic music on the "caravan" is made up of a traveling pool of curated works, compiled from an international selection by the American Composers Forum, with additional works selected by TEA.

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Note: Music Gallery performances featured an 8-speaker Meyer Sound system in development (courtesy Gerr Audio)

Wednesday, October 30, 1996
The Music Gallery

  • Pamela Z: Geek Speak (tape)
    Gary Barwin: Martin's Idea (1995) for recitor, MIDI keyboard, and interactive computer system
    Duck Spindle Trilogy™ Hoben Aragoto Series
    Istvan Kantor: Sudden Changes (Accumulations)
    • kinetic percussive devices, piano sound, voice processing and sampling

Wednesday, October 30, 1996
The Rivoli
(back room; 9:30 p.m.)

  • Selena Cryderman, Catherine Keenan, Andra McCartney: Coiled Chalk Circle
    • Cryderman, digital images; Keenan, electric hurdy-gurdy; McCartney, tape & movement

    Selena Cryderman, Catherine Keenan and Andra McCartney: Swimming the Reef, 1990-96. For Patrick

    • Keenan, electric hurdy-gurdy; Cryderman, digital images;McCartney, tape

    Joel Silver and Craig Macnaughton: The Drone Machine

    • Sound installation performance

    Campbell Foster: Sheet Metal Feedback Phone

    • "Sound to Light Conversion" Part I: Talk. Part II: Music

    Bruno Degazio: Three Hypertrophies for violin and tape

    • Adele Armin, RAAD violin

    Bruno Degazio: new piece for WX7/VL1 and tape
    Bruno Degazio: Contrapunctus III — WX7, violin, tape

    • Adele Armin, RAAD violin ; Bruno Degazio, WX7/VL1

Thurs, October 31, 1996
Dotcom Café:
All Hallows Electro-Happy-Hour

  • Theremins! Interactive sound sites, SonicNetLink listings, recordings for sale by artists, and electroacoustic house mix (see below, "sound installations").

Thursday, October 31, 1996
The Music Gallery

  • Roxanne Turcotte: Trop Tard (tape)
    Bentley Jarvis: "Thibert" and "Psychologist Dream" for 'cello and videotape
    Ron McFarlan: Dust That Collects (music and slide projections)
    Xiaoyan Tu/Demetri Terzopoulos/Sarah Peebles: Go Fish and "The Undersea World of Jack Coustou"
    • animation of artificial intelligence processees; with an introduction from the University of Toronto computer science department

    Music from the Hiller Computer Music Studios of the University at Buffalo featuring real-time digital signal processing
    Barry Moon: "Study for Voice and ISPW" for soprano with real-time processing
    Cort Lippe: "Music for Hi-Hat and Computer" for percussion with real-time processing
    Ron Parks: "Afterimages No.1" for saxophone with real-time processing

Friday, November 1, 1996
The Music Gallery
Vintage Night

  • Gilles Gobeil: Voix Blanche (1988-89) for tape and ondes Martenot
    • Suzanne Binet-Audet, ondes Martenot

    Takashi Harada: Untitled I (tape)

    • Untitled 1 is for four ondes Martenots

    Reynold Weidenaar: Long into the night, Heavenly Electrical Music Flowed out of the street (videotape)
    Group Performance (improvisation)

    • Suzanne Binet-Audet, ondes Martenot
      Bentley Jarvis, James Bailey, Peter Mosher and David Neelin, multiple theramins with electronics
      Nilan Perera, altered electric guitar and electronics
      Sarah Peebles, computer-assisted performance, shô (Japanese mouth organ)

    David Tudor: TONEBURST (1975) realized by John D.S. Adams

Saturday, November 2, 1996
The Music Gallery
Canadian Electronic Ensemble

Premiering new works written especially for Sonic Circuits '96 in Toronto, by the members of the CEE

  • Jim Montgomery: Dunkel/Licht (1996)
    Susan Frykberg: Birth/Rebirth Bearing Me (1992) diffused by Bentley Jarvis
    CEE: Whale Oil
    Randall Smith: Elastic Rebound (1995) diffused by the composer
    Jim Montgomery & Paul Stillwell: Dojo (1996)
    CEE members: David Jaeger, Larry Lake, Jim Montgomery
    Guests: Michael Dobinson, Paul Stillwell

Sunday, November 3, 1996
Electronic Café performance:

  • Video-conference performance between Inter/Access and The Exploratorium in San Francisco
    Rick Sacks: Drum Song and The March (from "Sample of Drums") sampler and octopad with text
    Jeff Mann: new work — sound with computer-generated video
    Group Performance:
    • Toronto — Inter/Access performers
      • Sarah Peebles, computer-assisted performance and shô (Japanese mouth organ)
        Nilan Perera, altered electric guitar
        Nobuo Kubota, digeridoo
        Rick Sacks, percussion
        Visual component: Cthugha, real-time interactive visuals

      San Francisco — The Exploratorium performers:

      • The Circle Trio:
        Pauline Oliveros, accordian
        India Cooke, violin
        Karolyn van Putten, voice, digiridu
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October 21 – November 3, 1996, Inter/Access
Craig Macnaughton and Joel Silver: "The Drone Machine"
Children's toys, sculpture, sound, a whole whack 'o MIDI and low-tech gear. Fun for the whole family!

October 28 – November 2, 1996, The Music Gallery
Robert Cruickshank: A Few Things They Didn't Teach in Plumbing School (ABS pipes, electro-mechanics)

Oct. 21 – November 3, 1996, Dotcom Café: Official Festival Cyber-hang
Featured "INTERIORS", a short audio "postcard" by Richard Windeyer (heard on-line), interactive sound sites by local and international composers, electroacoustic house mix, SonicNetLink and listings available in the blink of an eye (web pages by artists and sonic-related sites around the world), and great eats. Rendezvous after concerts or anytime.

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Saturday, November 2, 1996, Inter/Access
Workshop: "Real-time Signal Processing and Audio-Morphing Using Signal Processing Max", with Corte Lippe, Barry Moon and Ron Parks. Hands-on lab session, with visual and audio examples (using Next™ computers).

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36 Canadian composers, performers and installation artists;
65 International radio artists ("Short Circuits" festival of radiophonic interruptions; curated and produced independently by Niel Wiernick);
10 American guest artists
6 additional tape works plus 3 videoworks performed
30% participation by women composers/creators (not including radio events);

Festival Director, ACF: Philip Blackburn
General Co-ordinator, Toronto: Sarah Peebles
Co-ordinating Panel, Toronto:
Andra McCartney
Richard Windeyer
Bentley Jarvis
Gary Barwin
Darren Copeland
Listening Room Site designer: Richard Windeyer
General Toronto festival website design: Selena Cryderman
Poster design: Anneli West / Four Corners Design

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SONIC CIRCUITS '96 in Toronto was co-presented October 21 – November 3 by Toronto ElectroAcoustics (TEA), The American Composers Forum, CIUT Radio, The Music Gallery, Inter/Access, The Rivoli, and ACF.

SONIC CIRCUITS '96 is a project of the American Composers Forum (ACF); Prerecorded electroacoustic music which appeared in the Toronto festival was made up of a traveling pool of curated works, compiled from an international selection by the American Composers Forum, with additional works selected by TEA for Toronto. Other North American SONIC CIRCUITS IV venues include: St. Cloud State University (MN), Intermedia Arts (Minneapolis, MN), Audible Visions (Boston, MA), Lunar Cabaret (Chicago, Ill), Indiana University, Brown University (RI), and PICA-Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (Western Australia).

SONIC CIRCUITS '96 IN TORONTO was supported through the Toronto Arts Council and GerrAudio Distr., Inc. Generously assisted by York University, Dotcom Café, and the Canadian Electroacoustic Community. Sonic Circuits/ACF is supported in part by the AT&T Foundation (USA).

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