Sarah Peebles: Composer/Performer

AquaNightFlight (Sarah Peebles)
and the “the moon-o-lator” (Rob Cruickshank) 2006


"AquaNightFlight" is a 60-90 minute live multi-channel audio performance involving
processed audio of insects via laptop, regular and under-water loud speaker(s),
and 2 mixing bowls with speaker drivers (above water). I control the audio manipulation (Max/MSP)
and the mix of discreet audio channels to the loudspeakers and speaker drivers.

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premier at Night Swim

Reverberating bowls with Chris Cammidge on the Leslie St. Spit
photos by Sarah Peebles

The Moon-o-lator - moon phase projector

The Moon-o-lator was designed to project a moon that changes phase at a set rate,
and is made from a drop-in attachment for a Sawyers/GAF projector.

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flickr: squeaky bear

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AquaNightFlight notes

Tech:  Peebles provides  laptop, hammerfall multiface box, 2 minidisc players, CD player, 2 kitchen-type mixing bowls, 2 roland star transducers.  Venue provides loudspeakers / amp, Mackie 1202 or equivalent mixer.

Audio is derived from the following pre-recorded materials and is distriubuted as follows:

a) masses of bees in glass jugs (recorded from inside the vessels)
b) a single bee atop a glass carafe
c) bees and bee-wings recorded from inside various bee hives
d) bees plus airplanes plus cicada recorded from inside bottles
e) digitally-processed shoh (Japanese mouth-organ), recorded in a somewhat de-tuned state producing specific acoustic sum and differnce tones
f) various cicada and other insects
g) birds from New Zealand/Aotearoa
h) a small creek, slowly descending in pitch


1. a-e, above, are manipulated and and directed through any combination of regular loudspeakers
2. at any given time, one channel of a-e, plus f, is directed underwater
3. g is periodically directed above-ground (via CD player)
4. b is directed through mixing bowls/speaker drivers (above water), and may be joined by or altered with a; via pre-recorded mini-disc, real-time powerbook, or a combination of the two


audio sources: Sounds of bees (a. and c.) were recorded with the assistance of Frank Lindsay at Lindsay Apiaries near Wellington, New Zealand and (b.) P.O. Hellgren, Bollnas, Sweden. A. and B. above in these recordings, the bee wings vibrate against the glass and cause the containers to ring at their resonant frequencies. Cicada and other insects (f.) from Leslie Street Spit, Toronto and (d.) from Wellington, New Zealand. De-tuned shoh (mouth-organ) played by Peebles. Birds (g) recorded in Paparoa National Park (South Island West coast). All sound sources recorded by Peebles.


AquaNightFlight was created for and performed at “Night Swim” at Nuit Blanche (Toronto), September 30th 2006, 7 - 8 p.m., at Trinity Bellwoods Community Center swimming pool, 55 Crawford Street), Toronto. Night Swim installation by Christie Pearson, produced by Marcus Boon, Darren Copeland, Rob Cruickshank, Robin Dutt and co-organized by Christie Pearson. Night Swim “is a cross between a sound and light installation, a music festival and a swimming pool party which will be held from sunset till sunrise at the Trinity Bellwoods Community Centre swimming pool in Toronto on Saturday September 30, 2006....”  Artists and details: /  T (416) 778-8487  / T (416) 778-5790
50 Eaton Ave. Toronto, Ontario   M4J  2Z5 Canada


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