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The Improvisor
The International Journal of Free Improvisation (Vol. XI, 1996)

Sarah Peebles:
Visible Waves

There is a strange, otherworldly quality that pervades the work, Visible Waves.

The emphasis this time is on water. A pouring, receding, returning water discourse is mixed and enhanced by very large but subtle electronic sounds. Events pass by in front of the eyes of the subconscious, inducing one to a vast and expansive state (not unlike dreaming) of the beyond.

Visible Waves consists of two pieces: "Nocturnal Premonitions" (2:30) and "Music Improvisation with Calligraphy Performance" (41:30), which featured Sarah Peebles on sampled sounds, shô and electronics, Suzanne Binet-Audet on Ondes Martenot, with special guest Kaieda Harurni in calligraphy performance. Very beautiful and peaceful, although penetrating and awesome electronic music. Tape covers and notes come replete with personal touch: typed or printed on recycled paper directly from the "can." — LS

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