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Takashi Harada graduated from The Faculty of Economics at Keio Gijuku University, and then entered the University of Paris in 1978 and the Paris Conservatoire in 1982, where he studied under Jeanne Loriod. As a prolific ondist and composer, he has played more than 170 new pieces for the ondes, including the premier of Messiaen's opera, "Saint Francis of Assisi" at the request of Messiaen himself. He appears regularly as a soloist with major orchestras in Japan and around the world, and has received the Global Music Promotion Award, the Idemitsu Music Award, and the Hida Furukawa Music Award, among others.
click for larger imageHarada's latest CD
Takashi Harada appears courtesy of JVC.
Harada's wide-ranging work includes the soundtrack for the 20th-Century Fox movie "Rising Sun" (music by Toru Takemitsu), music for the Tokyo Ballet's "M" (depicting the life of Yukio Mishima). Harada has had extensive involvement performing and composing for NHK and numerous musical groups, including rock, jazz and improvisation with such figures as Yosuke Yamahsita, Ned Rothenberg, Tom Cora and Samual Bennett. He is recorded on JVC, Victor, Fontec and Decca, among other labels.

Harada's Web Page: http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~rh2t-hrd/onde/e_index.html

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